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One of the Leelas Kuwait Co. primary responsibilities is to manage and administer a comprehensive safety program and ensure its implementation by all the staff memebers. The safety program embodies the presentation of accidental injury, occupational illness and proprty damage. Each staff member shall provide and maintain a safe, hazard free workplace for fellow workers and the general public. 

Office staff attending work site are expected to comply with any safety notices or other instructions issued by local authority management and to generally comply with the individual emoployers requirements. 

Make arrangements for ensuring the safe use, handling, storage and transport of an "articles and substances" which are in herently potentially dangerous. 

Assess and limit the risk to health, caused by substances and systems of work used at these premises and to inform the employees of the result of this assessment and the nature of risk. 

The safety program shall ensure the involment and active participation of all the Ahmadah’s employees by requiring safety training which will promote reorganization of unsafe acts, potential and actual hazards and immediate corrective action to be taken. 

An effective safety and health program can increase productivity, reduce worker’s compensation claims, desrease the cost of insurance premiums, and foster a good employee / employer relation ship. By implementing an effective safety and health program it help to reduce the number of accidents, illnesses and fatalities in the workplace. 

All the employees should be constanly aware of their responsibility to work in a safe manner.