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Driving is the main core for most of Leelas businesses activates.
Driving is associated with great risk of accident faced by our all Leelas employees and contractors. To minimize the risk as well as to ensure that the standard for driving qualification and practices are compiled, this Safe Driving Policy shall be followed by all Leelas employees and Contractors. 

Policy Objectives:

The below points are the expectation from both the Leelas employees and the management to ensure the safe driving policy implementation. 

Driver Training
Only personnel having the right type of licenses are allowed to drive vehicles on behalf of Leelas, including company-owned or leased vehicles, vehicles rented for business purposes. Approval is granted to drivers who have taken defensive driving training every three years and commentary driver training annually. These training programs must be documented.

Drivers should drive at speeds that are safe for condition, recognizing tht in some circumstances (such as rain or fog) this may be below the posted speed limit.

Seat Belts
As a condition of employment, all employees and contractors must wear seat belts at all times when driving a Leelas vehicle, all they must ensure that all other vehicle occupants are also wearing seat belts.

Journey Management
All locations shall have in place an active journey management program that can ensure a save company is completed and closed through an manual or electronic logging system.

Cellular Phone
Drivers should neither initiate nor answer a cellular phone call or message whilst driving a Leelas vehicle.

Truck Tracking System
All Leelas Trucks shall be fitted with G.P.S. tracking system.

Driver Improvement Monitors
An approved driver improvement monitor shall be installed in all vehicles designed for road use that are owned, leased or subcontracted by Leelas. All locations shall adopt a program for regularly reviewing the data gathered by the monitors and using that data to continually improve driver skills. Management must be actively involved in the implementation of this program. 

Ebraheem Al Obaidi